Mission & Vission

Firm Vision
    To be #1 leading law firm in the whole entire Middle East region by providing top notch services to our clients capitalizing on our diversified experience, partner powers & set of values established since 1953
Set of Values
  • People are the most valuable asset in our firm.
  • Every job is important and every person is important.
  • We attract professional, ambitious, capable and committed people. And provide an environment that fosters trust, respect, continuous learning and self development, personal responsibility and growth.
  • People make difference.
  • Service is the governing value through our daily interactions.
  • By properly serving each other internally we will also guarantee an exceptional service provided to our external clients & business partners.
  • Only by keeping our integrity we can create a culture of genuine trust for our staff members, our business partners and our clients.
Scientific Basis:
  • Our decisions and actions are all based on scientific, logical, open, planned and rational process.
  • Growth and adding value is our concern in dealing with our staff members, business partners & clients.
  • Helmy Adeeb firm Creates a work environment that provides opportunities for staff members to reach their full potential; which in turn is reflected on better serving our clients.
  • A corner stone of all our activities is to ensure quality.
  • We seek the highest quality people and decisions.
  • We provide and deliver services of the highest possible quality.
Team work:
  • Working in team generates the best results for our staff, Clients & business partners.
  • Teamwork respects collaborations and communication where diverse opinions and conflicting views are all seriously considered.
  • Meanwhile open discussions and shared information can make the best decisions.
  • As we compete continuously against time, we maintain high level of discipline to ensure the proper implementation of our plans and decisions.